Cleaning and re-fill station

Phenomix Cleaning and re-fill station stations for automated high throughput plant

The desired plants are conveyed to this station where they stop when operations are required.

The operator either unloads the plant and the pallet from the transfer or re-loads the combination of pallet and plant. The system will then be ware that some plants are now unavailable or available again depending on the cycle that has been launched by the operator. Moreover, when operations require the plant to be removed from the pallet for a longer period than the stop at the station, the operator changes the pallet status to inform the system that the pallet is now empty. This status allows the system to manage pallets in a clever way.

A typical Cleaning/re-fill station is composed of:

 -A stopper to unload/import the pallet in the transfer that will carry the plant

 -An RFID reader (electronic tag reader) for the system to automatically detect processed pallet

 -A light indicator (red/green) to identify plants needing operations

 -A barcode reader and/or a keyboard or touch-screen to input the plant ID associated to the pallet

 -These informations are stored and synchronized in the system and assigned to the plant

 -A push-button to release the plant when the operation is completed and allow the system to bring the plant to its original position in the appropriate greenhouse