MixBox - Scalable phenotyping system in multi-well plate

Scalable phenotyping system in multi-well plate

The MixBox is a chamber designed for phenotyping seeds or small plants. As your research demands will grow, scalability is key; Scaling your experiments is possible by adding unlimited number of MixBox to your Phenomix system., allowing you to screen thousands of plants simultaneously.

MixBox - Scalable plant phenotyping in microplates

Control your experiment conditions

Versatility and reproducibility are crucial: The MixBox is flexible enough to accommodate various protocols using petri dish or multi-well plates. This system will provide fully standardized experimental conditions with its integrated and controllable white LED illumination. A top and/or back infrared, RGB or UV LED lighting can be added for specific conditions. Long term monitoring without compromising environmental conditions are without doubt possible with Phenomix.

MixBox - Scalable plant phenotyping software in microplates